A hyper deflationary token to flip $Dogecoin

State of the art burn mechanism, taking you to great heights at billions in market cap.

Unlike in today's World, we fight inflation.

Constant buy-backs and burns, which will keep the chart on a uptrend slope reaching a higher price.

Your tokens are worth more Overtime!

Did we mention the crazy burn tech? Our state of the art burn rate removes tokens from the supply resulting higher price value for your tokens!

Our Mission, is to flip $Dogecoin

With your help of course, the mission is very easy to conquer! A multi-billion coin is our target to reach!

Our Marketing is the community efforts!

Every successful project in crypto has mooned due to a very aggressive community in constant sharing and shilling!.

people riding boat on body of water

Our Partnerships!


Token Holders


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Community Members

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